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Professional Kit


This kit contains twenty five colorful brushes from Saibaolina. The brushes come in a beautiful brush roll that could be locked with a small key. The handle is in gourd shape which makes it very comfortable to hold. Each brush is handmade by master artisan from China and the bristles are made by goat, sable and fibre. Please do note that the brow brush is not included by default as it is made by boar hair and we had removed it for the comfort of our Muslim customer. For non Muslim customer, you may make a special request to us to include the boar hair with a nominal fee.

Brushes Included:

Face Brushes
1 - Fan Brush (Goat Hair)
2 - Large Powder Brush (Goat Hair)
3 - Small Powder Brush (Goat Hair)
4 - Contour Brush (Goat Hair)
5 - Duo Fibre Brush (Goat Hair)
6 - Foundation Brush (Goat Hair)

Eye Brushes
7 - Crease Brush (Sable Hair)
8 - Contour (Sable Hair)
9 - Large Shading (Sable Hair)
10 - Large Shading (Sable Hair)
11 - Medium Shading (Sable Hair)
12 - Medium Shading (Sable Hair)
13 - Medium Shading (Sable Hair)
14 - Small Shading (Sable Hair)
15 - Short Shader (Sable Hair)
16 - Nose Bridge Contour (Sable Hair)
17 - Concealer (Fibre)
18 - Small Shading (Fibre)
19 - Small Shading (Fibre)
21 - Liner (Fibre)
22 - Liner (Fibre)
23 - Liner (Fibre)
24 - Smudger (Sponge)

Lip Brushes
20 - Lip Brush (Fibre)
25 - Lip Brush (Fibre)

We have limited quantity per batch as each kit requires time to craft and assemble. Do leave us a message for pre-order if sold out.


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