Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes

Q: What is natural bristle brushes made of?

A: The natural brushes are primarily made of goats hair.

Q: What is synthetic bristle brushes made of?

A: The synthetic brushes are made of 100% synthetic fibers.

Q: Are there warranty for the brushes?

A: Yes. Sigma has a defective policy which guarantee buyers for 1 year from the purchase date. Write to us to check with the warranty validity.

Q: How do I clean the brushes?

A: Dust or wipe off excess makeup left on your brushes after each use. Use a soft cloth or tissue and make sure to be gentle on the bristles. Excess build-up causes brushes to lose effectiveness and the bristles to break down. Alternatively, you can use Sigma Beauty's Brush Cleaning Glove.

Store your brushes in a case or bag to prevent dust build-up. The Sigma Makeup brush roll was designed specifically to accommodate and preserve your Sigma Makeup brush collection.

Clean your brushes regularly using a commercial brush cleaner or a combination of warm water and mild shampoo. DO NOT USE HOT WATER OR ABRASIVE DETERGENTS. Reshape the bristles after washing and lay flat or hang upside down to dry. Cleaning regularly inhibits bacteria growth and prevents bristle corrosion. Careful cleaning will increase the longevity of your brushes.

Lovely Adornment's Accessories

Q: How long can chrome chains last?

A: Chrome chains can last for a year without fading in colour if they are not washed by chemicals, soap and etc. the Chrome chains we used are copper made chains plated by chrome.

Q: How will the chrome chains fade in colour?
A: Chrome chains will loses it's chrome coating and the copper (orange colour) could be seen. Below shown is a bracelet that I wore (everyday to bath, sleep & etc.) for 2 months. This is how the fading goes. It actually gives you another shade of colour.




Q: What is faux pearl?

A: Faux pearls are fake pearls.


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